A Flame-Grilled full chicken with a large portion of Famous Hand-Cut Chips from Steers®  and 4 fresh mini loaves, against a purple and grey background.
Steers Total Surfside Umdloti

Flame Grilled Chicken

Steers® Flame-Grilled chicken has a special place on the table, no matter the occasion! Few things bring everyone to the dining room quite like the aroma of Flame-Grilled chicken wafting through the air. Whether it's a casual gathering with friends, a family feast, or a solo night in – you can never go wrong with chicken. That’s why we’ve put the Real Chicken Feast and the Full Chicken Meal on the Steers® menu. We know there's something magical about sharing a meal with loved ones – it’s the laughter flowing freely in between bites and the stories exchanged over plates piled high with tender, juicy chicken. While sharing is caring, sometimes you just want to enjoy a delicious meal all to yourself – you know – that all important selfcare. Whether you need a long moment alone or a quick bite on the go, our ½ Chicken or ¼ Chicken Meals are the ones. But also, no discussion about Flame-Grilled chicken would be complete without the mention of our delicious chicken burgers. They know how to bring the heat to any occasion.
Total Surfside Umdloti
Umdloti Beach, Kwazulu Natal
4350, ZA
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In the mood for chicken


Real Chicken Feast

It’s nothing but good vibes when you share the Real Chicken Feast. Put this Flame-Grilled full chicken meal on the table and they will come.

Full Chicken Meal

Chicken is always a crowd pleaser and when it’s Flame-Grilled – it just tastes better. Everyone gets the bigger piece with a Flame-Grilled full chicken meal from Steers®.

½ Chicken Meal

Our Flame-Grilled ½ Chicken Meal is the one when you’re rolling with your ride-or-die or when it feels like your stomach’s about to eat itself.

¼ Chicken Meal

Our Flame-Grilled ¼ Chicken with small chips is the only plug when your fire is burning low. Lunch or dinner for one – done, in one tasty move.

Chicken Burgers

You can’t talk about chicken or burgers without mentioning the kings of Flame-Grilled. And you can’t talk about our Chicken Burgers without agreeing – they just taste better.


Welcome to Steers® where our passion for flame-grilled has been burning since the ‘60s. Here, burgers are made with 100% pure beef, chips are hand-cut, and shakes are always ridiculously thick. We only use the freshest ingredients and there is no mistaking the flavour of our sauces and special seasoning. Our King Steer® burger has also been voted SA’s favourite burger for 20 years, which proves that nothing beats the real thing! We’re proud sponsors of young sporting talent through Varsity Cup, Varsity Shield, Varsity Cricket, and Varsity 7s. We’ve also partnered with Rounda to help raise funds to build more libraries in underprivileged communities. We believe in making a real difference. Visit our website for some real food and the real story.When it comes to bringing you the best meals, y’all know we do the most. This time we’re bringing you a meal that’s perfect for lunch and those nights when you’re looking for a delicious dinner for one. Try our Quarter Chicken & Small Chips Meal for only R49.90.

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Total Surfside Umdloti
Umdloti Beach, Kwazulu Natal
4350, ZA

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